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Chef Wan stay cool at cat’s guilty face after breaking RM1.5k fruit bowl

Apart from his love for his green babies, Chef Wan is widely known among his followers on Instagram as an avid cat lover. This is evident as seen in his several postings featuring his adorable furry companion on his socials.

In his recent post, the Malaysian chef shared on how one of his pet cat, which he called Neil, had accidentally broken a luxury fruit bowl that he purchased from overseas. Instead of lashing out, Chef Wan sounded very calm in the video.

“I hear this loud crash…came down and searched for the culprit. He must have jumped on top of the cupboard. That hand-painted Moroccan fruit bowl (that I) purchased in Marrakesh many years ago must have costed around RM1000 to RM1500. Since I decided to turn the 2nd floor (of my house) as their play ground, I totally forgot to store them elsewhere. Oh well, (the bowl) is just another material gain which has its expiry date. Most importantly, my Neil was not hurt,” Chef Wan revealed in his long post.

He added by saying, “In life nothing last forever. And the same goes for us. It had its special moment up there once upon a time. It was so funny seeing his guilty face running away from the scene to elevator. I laughed and laughed, and at the same time, I also felt pity for him. How to get angry at them, as they are animals and don’t have brains like us. Neither do they know what they are or of value to them. If I want to, I will travel to Morocco and buy a prettier one. Or else, we’ll just let it be. In the end love conquered it all.”

Scrolling through the comments, many netizens reacted positively to the post. In this case, most of them praised for keeping his cool, despite the unfortunate incident.


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