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Kindergarten teacher earns RM450 a month, netizens shocked to see teachers earning below minimum wage

Social NewsKindergarten teacher earns RM450 a month, netizens shocked to see teachers earning...

Teachers play an important role in our society and they should always be highly regarded. However, when it comes to their salaries, Malaysia’s culture shows otherwise.

Recently, Twitter user Fedtri Yahya uploaded a conversation on his Twitter page that shows a kindergarten teacher asking whether it is normal to earn RM450 a month in today’s economy.

The kindergarten teacher works in an Islamic kindergarten but refused to reveal the name of the centre. She added that he has to work from 7.30 am to 1 pm with 19 students with a high target for academics, memorizing surahs (chapters) and hadith (collected accounts of the sayings, actions and habits of the Prophet Muhammad).

In addition, she had to prepare food and take care of students with autism, while the employer is only around at times but never helps out.

She also revealed that her colleague who has been working for almost 10 years there but still earns RM500.

However, they both do not have the courage and channel to voice about the salary.

After reading the thread, netizens were quick to condemn the teacher’s employers and suggested that the teacher reports it to the labour office.

Unfortunately, such cases of pay low than the minimum wage are not uncommon in Malaysia. In fact, some teachers earn more than their full-time teaching job by doing part-time work.

Some netizens also said that the low pay had contributed to the decline in the national education system.

Are teachers in Malaysia underpaid?

According to Sinar Harian, teachers in the country were reported to have a minimum salary starting at RM2,188 with a salary increase rate of RM225 per year. 

The annual salary is estimated to start at RM26,256 a year, but the numbers can vary.

While this minimum salary may look decent, it is still far behind when compared to regional trends, where average teachers’ pay has been increasing.

Thus, it is common for people to look for higher paying jobs than teachers, which are on the lower end of the income range.

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