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Grab Malaysia offers RM1,000 sign-up bonus to attract new driver-partners

Social NewsGrab Malaysia offers RM1,000 sign-up bonus to attract new driver-partners

In an effort to woo new driver-partners into the e-hailing service, Grab Malaysia has recently announced a new incentive for any Malaysians who sign up as drivers on its platform.

According to The Star, Grab has introduced a sign-up bonus of up to RM1,000 for their new driver-partners. The scheme was kicked off earlier on 1 June and it will continue until 31 July. However, new driver-partners who sign up are required to fulfil a minimum number of trips to receive the RM1,000 bonus.

Over the past months, Grab has been experiencing a shortage of drivers over the past couple of months and this has, in turn, resulted in a sudden increase in ride fares.

Thus, Grab hopes that this incentive will attract potential driver-partners to meet the demand for transport amid the post-pandemic reopening.

Grab Malaysia Director of Country Operations and Mobility, Rashid Shukor said it is the company’s mission has been to provide safe, convenient transportation options while improving the livelihood of Malaysians.

He explained that as of mid-May this year, the number of driver-partners on their platform is still less than 70% of what it was pre-pandemic.

Source: Malay Mail

“One of the many reasons is the long and costly process imposed on drivers before they get on the road.  We hope that the sign-up bonus will encourage new driver-partners to come on board as quickly as possible to benefit from the additional earnings that are available to them.” Rashid said.

Meanwhile, new drivers need to spend up to RM500 to meet regulatory requirements set by the Ministry of Transport to acquire a PSV license. This license will make them eligible to drive any type of vehicle used to transport paying passengers.

They are also required to attend a 6-hour training, pass vehicle inspections and purchase insurance.

These barriers to entry have also affected the time it takes for Grab to catch up with the sharp increase in demand.

Thus, Grab Malaysia said it will also extend its existing reimbursement of up to 100% of total driver-partner regulatory compliance cost, to help minimise their cost burden.

Apart from this new incentive, Grab said existing driver-partners can benefit from earning an existing referral bonus programme if they help sign up new driver-partners to the Grab platform.

“We hope that this supply and demand imbalance will be transient, as we race against time to onboard new driver-partners. We commit to continue working closely with the authorities to clear the obstacles for our driver-partners so that many more can earn an income via e-hailing and serve the daily commuting needs of everyone.” Rashid said.

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