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Proton owner slams company for taking more than 8 months to fix his car, and it’s not fixed yet

Social NewsProton owner slams company for taking more than 8 months to fix...

How long do you expect to get your car back after sending it to the workshop? Maximum, a week?

Recently, Facebook user Aaron De Silva has taken to social media to vent his frustration about having to wait close to 8 months to get his car back from a Proton service centre.

In the post, he shared that his Proton X70 has yet to be returned since he sent it into Proton EON Glenmarie 3S in Shah Alam on 23 November 2021. He explained that he had to send his car for repair as he was involved in an accident.

Initially, he was informed that the repair would take some time as he only had his insurance claim approved on 6 December before the work could begin.

So far, things were going as expected and an agent at Proton informed him that they only placed an order for replacement parts on 9 December 2021 and had to wait for their arrival to complete the repair.

Early January this year, Proton informed that they have installed some parts that have arrived, but they are still waiting for some other parts, so Aaron would still have to wait.

Later on 26 January, Aaron asked for an update but he was told by Proton that out of the 44 parts that they have to replace, nine have not arrived. So, he had to continue waiting.

Source: Facebook

Coming to the middle of February, he asked for another update and he was told the same reason again. This time, they told him they could not give him an estimated date of arrival.

At this point, Aaron has waited for about 2 months since he sent in his car for repair and he was starting to get agitated.

In March, he decided to call Proton’s customer care hotline to escalate the issue and was told to write an official email to customer service about the long wait for his car to be repaired

However, he did not get any response from customer care until 2 or 3 weeks later. He then gave up on them and walk right into Proton Edar Cose to look for someone who can help him.

Meanwhile, the person in charge of his car at Proton EON Glenmarie 3S also told him that they could not proceed with completing the repair of his car either, as they still had one last part to receive.

Source: Facebook

On 25 April, Aaron still has no idea when he will get his car back. He then visited another Proton service centre in Subang Jaya to ask about what he could do to hasten the delivery of the last part.

At the service centre, an agent there told him to write and address a letter to Proton’s chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Li Chunrong to complain about the wait and ask for compensation for loss of usage or even a replacement car for the months of not having his personal mode of transport.

After a month of waiting, on 18 May, he finally received an email reply from a senior executive at Proton who informed him that the remaining replacement part will arrive at his service centre by 31 May.

Aaron said the senior executive also offered him a RM300 service voucher as compensation for all the months-long inconveniences.

“I was really excited and happy to hear the news about the last remaining part arriving, but the RM300 voucher, I think they wanted to get slapped lah,” he wrote.

“Who here wouldn’t be bloody insulted if you were offered an e-voucher? On top of that, I had to agree to it within three days, or not, the offer would lapse.”

However, Aaron did not accept the voucher and demanded higher compensation for the unreasonable time taken to repair his car.

A month later, the senior executive finally offered Aaron a one-time free service at any of their outlets, which Aaron thinks they are missing the point.

“Come on. At this point, it’s getting ridiculous,” he said, adding that the poor compensation offers especially since it was one week past the promised due date and there was still no news of the remaining part.

Source: Facebook

On 14 June, Aaron decide to visit the service centre and he found that his car was just sitting in the sun in the centre’s uncovered backyard.

As of 20 June, Aaron has yet to receive his car nor has receive any form of compensation from Proton.

I work in KL and I have to ask friends from time to time whether I can use their extra car for a week or two. Otherwise, I’ve to plan my day out with my dad because we have one car left at home.” he shared.

He also said that he is still paying his instalments but his car “just sits in the workshop”.

“It isn’t cheap when you’re paying for instalments, and on top of that, you have to fork out extra cash to spend on other stuff like renting a car or taking a Grab,” he added.

“All I asked from Proton was compensation for loss of usage or a replacement car and I was denied that,” he said.

“These past few months have been tough. My family and I always support local brands but this is really hard to do when we do not even get the care we need.”

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