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Escalator in Sri Rampai station fixed but the pedestrian bridge does not get people across the street

Social NewsEscalator in Sri Rampai station fixed but the pedestrian bridge does not...

Public transport services and facilities in the country have recently become a hot topic among Malaysians, with many pointing out the authority’s failure to keep them maintained.

One of these failures that recently went viral online is the escalator at the pedestrian walkway near LRT Sri Rampai that remained unfixed for 6 years until Malaysians took it to social media to slam the authorities for their lack of action.

So, the said escalator was finally repaired and the MUDA Setiawangsa team went to check it out.

Source: Instagram

According to the notice that was pasted next to the escalator, it is said that the escalator had started operating on 15 June 2022.

Taking it to Instagram, MUDA’s team showed their visit there and said they were surprised that the escalator leads them to a dead end on one exit as the walkway heading to Wangsa Walk mall was barricaded, with the other exit only open to residents of The Hamilton @ Wangsa Maju.

This means that those who wish to get to the mall would need to cross the main road instead. However, the team also observed that the main road is a busy street that is quite dangerous to cross, not to mention that the traffic lights were also faulty.

The team also stayed for a while and they notice that those who tried to use the bridge to get to the mall had to turn back as the path was closed off.

MUDA then describe the situation as, “Asking for chicken rice, but they did not give the chicken – only rice.”

As matter involves the safety of the public, they urged the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to find a solution to this problem.

Nonetheless, they also express gratitude to DBKL for repairing the escalator but stressed that the pedestrian bridge is supposed to connect the 2 different places but fixing only the escalator does not help the people to get across the street.

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