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Lamborghini gathering in KL causes massive 3km traffic congestion, M’sians asked if they bought the road

Social NewsLamborghini gathering in KL causes massive 3km traffic congestion, M'sians asked if...

Lamborghini Owners Malaysia (LOM) has recently broke its 9-year-old record for the largest gathering of its kind locally with 112 Lamborghinis assembled at the open-air carpark fronting the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The effort was made possible by existing LOM members, joined by Lamborghini owners across Peninsular Malaysia who are keen to be part of the expanding club, and earned a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records.

“This milestone in our club’s history also marks our ode to the legendary Lamborghini brand which celebrates beauty and performance thats infused by an indomitable spirit,” said LOM president Roslan Rosdi.

“Our record-breaking achievement would not have been successful without the sense of community showcased by our members who turned up that morning,” he added.

The first record setting attempt in 2013 was participated by 77 owners from both Malaysia and Singapore in conjunction with Lamborghini’s global 50th anniversary celebrations.

While the gathering was a success, it has also caused massive traffic congestion in the city centre.

According to an Instagram post, one netizen revealed that a main road in Kuala Lumpur was closed off for over 20 minutes just to allow the group of luxury cars to have a grand exit.

In the video, it showed the massive 3km congestion that had build up at the back.

The netizen wrote in the caption, “Many people enjoyed seeing over 70 Lamborghinis and each one of them showing off their engines and the roooaaars.”

“But blocking a main road in KL for over 20 minutes just to have a grand exit is absolutely ridiculous and inconsiderate for the other people on the road,” he said, adding that this gathering is ridiculous.

He added that he passed by the cars that were stuck in the traffic and he totally understands the feeling of those who are in the traffic.

While I was passing by the cars that were stuck in the traffic, honking like crazy, which I totally understand and would do if I was in their shoes.”

Source: Instagram

In the comment section, netizens agreed with him and many took the opportunity to criticise those who are seemingly rich and wealthy.

“Totally agreed with your comments. Gathering is totally fine when you don’t become an annoyance to the public. For all the bikers out here to requesting PDRM to escorts/pilot the road trip.” a netizen said.

“When they think they are privileged compared to other road users.” another netizen said.

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