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SPM candidate skips all his exams, netizens slam him for throwing away his future prospects

Social NewsSPM candidate skips all his exams, netizens slam him for throwing away...

After 3 months of waiting, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021 candidates were finally able to get their results. While some cried tears of joy for their amazing achievement, some were also disappointed that they did not perform as expected.

However, there’s a third category where some candidates decide to skip the examination.

After the results were out, a candidate, Justin shared his results slip online and said that he is now afraid of returning home. Instead of getting either a good grade or bad grade, he obtained a “tidak hadir” (absent) status for every single subject!

Source: Facebook

His post went viral on social media with many netizens criticising him for not appreciating his opportunity to study for his future.

Netizens also scolded him for throwing his opportunity and future away by not studying and doing what he could.

They said he would soon regret not sitting for his examination after he faces the reality in the society.

Source: Malay Mail

Despite the harsh comments, some netizens said it’s not all gone for Justin as he could still succeed in life, but he would need to work extra hard. Many also cited the many bosses they met who didn’t do well in school but are earning big money now.

Meanwhile, NST reported that there are nearly 25,000 SPM candidates did not sit for their exams earlier this year.

Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said this mostly involved private candidates. He added that some of the main reasons for candidates to skip the SPM exams were family issues and financial constraints.

Nonetheless, the Education Ministry will still be working on analysing the reasons why SPM candidates are skipping the exams despite interventions from school administrators.

On the other hand, it was reported that a total of 9,696 candidates scored excellent results (A+, A and A-) in SPM 2021.

The National Average Grade (GPN) was 4.86, with a lower GPN indicating better performance. The GPN in 2020 was 4.80, 4.86 in 2019, 4.89 (2018), 4.90 (2017) and 5.05 (2016).

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