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Netizen gets ‘tidak hadir’ in SPM result despite attending the examination, calls out to Education Ministry for an explanation

Social NewsNetizen gets 'tidak hadir' in SPM result despite attending the examination, calls...

The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021 examination results were out on 16 June and this is when most students would celebrate their achievements.

Unfortunately for this netizen, he was disappointed with his results, not because he did not do well in the examination, but because the results showed ‘tidak hadir‘ (absent) despite him sitting for it.

Taking it to Facebook, the netizen shared that he has been waiting anxiously for 3 months for his results and is currently applying to a university, but it appears that he might not be able to make it now.


He also expressed his displease with the examination board for committing such a mistake.

In the meantime, the netizen said that he had since lodged a case with the examination board and hoped that they will handle the situation as soon as possible.

He added that he also kept evidence of him attending the SPM examination and explained that he had double-checked his identification card number and sitting number during the examination.

Source: TheStar

He then demanded an explanation from the examination board if it was his mistake in filling up the wrong details that led to the examiner being unable to identify his examination paper.

Nonetheless, he said that although he is taking fewer subjects than others, he still deserves to know the truth of the ‘tidak hadir‘ on his results.

In the comment section, many other netizens share that his case is not the only one as there are others who complained about it.

“I got the same results too. I went for the Mathematics test but still get a ‘tidak hadir‘ result.” shared a netizen.

Meanwhile, some suggested that the examination board had lost his paper and thus, accusing him of not attending the examination.

We hope that the Education Ministry (KPM) will look into this matter urgently as it would affect the netizen’s progress in their application to universities.

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