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M’sians slam KTMB for abruptly closing station without informing its users upfront

Source: Twitter

As if there are not enough problems with our public transportation system.

Recently, Twitter user @ardnie took to the social media platform to express his disappointment with KTMB for unexpectedly closing a platform at the Salak Selatan KTM station.

In a thread, he tagged KTMB’s official Twitter account and said, “Can you do things with your brain? I know that your CEO is brainless. If you want to close a station, do give notice earlier. That’s the least you can do.”

He also shared a photo showing the stairway to Platform 2 of Salak Selatan with a small note that inform commuters that the platform was blocked and closed.

The user explained that he tried speaking to the staff there to understand the situation, to only find out that they were given instructions to close the platform recently and they do not know how many other stations are closed.

In a separate tweet, @ardnie clarified that they were closing one of the platforms, and not the whole station.

“The issue is that there is no visible written notice anywhere or on the platform before this stupidity was done.” he added.

@ardnie tweet went viral with other netizens sharing their experience they had with KTMB.

“In the past, I had checked the schedule, which said that the last train to Seremban was at 10 pm. I was at KL Sentral at 9:45 pm and waited till 10:10 pm. The auxiliary policeman told me the last train had already left at 9:30 pm.”

“So I had to spend RM100 to return to Seremban with Grab.” a netizen shared.

Another netizen then said this is why people do not like taking public transport.

Other netizens point out that this is not the first time it had happened and it is a common practice in public transport in the country.

“In my experience, these practices are still present in our society. The first is not notifying properly, and the second is ‘until further notice’, which is another way of saying that something will not be completed anytime soon.” said a netizen.

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