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M’sian actor blowed with RM10,000 dinner bill at Salt Bae’s Steakhouse

There is a saying that money can’t buy you happiness, but if it buys you a meal for seven diners at Nusr-Et, the ultra-expensive steakhouse owned by the Salt Bae, it is more or less the same thing right?

Unfortunately, living the high life and indulging in luxuries such as steak from the opulent chain of steakhouses is not the reality for the majority of us.

But fret not because what else is the Internet for if not for us to live vicariously through the life of others?

One such personality that we can follow is Aeril Zafrel, a Malaysian actor and director, who apparently spent a whopping RM10,000 during his recent visit to the London branch of the famous steakhouse. RM10,000 just for steak!

The ‘Jibril’ star was accompanied by his wife, Wawa Zainal and a few of their friends as they rubbed shoulders with the owner of the steakhouse chain, Nusret Gökçe, as he rubbed salt between his fingers, sprinkling them all over the pinkish, juicy meat.

The group seemed to be enjoying themselves in a short video montage reel shared by Aeril from his 5.1 million strong Instagram account.

Seated at a table, Nusret personally attended to the group as a couple of waiters stood around him to assist. With his animated knife skills, he first sliced the slab of meat into even slices, exposing the glorious medium-rare cooked steak.

Then, he proceeded to the highlight of the show. The food entertainer casually grabbed a gigantic pinch of salt from a tray and sprayed it all over the steak in his signature ‘flexed-arm  pose’ while the diners around him cheered at the sight.

Can you imagine seeing this viral meme in person?! Not unless you have RM10,000!

After that salty display of showmanship, he then dangled and dropped a piece of steak into the actor’s mouth as his friends pointed their phones in his direction, documenting the experience like true social media buffs.

After their meal, the group looked shocked as they examined the bill. Aeril himself was too stunned to speak. He nodded his head in disbelief as he paid the RM10,065.54 bill with his card.

Knowing that it was all in good fun and memories, comments from his fans and netizens in general were lighthearted.


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