Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“1 month free ride does not solve anything!” M’sians disagree with PM’s free RapidKL ride initiative

Social News"1 month free ride does not solve anything!" M'sians disagree with PM's...

On Thursday (16 June), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that all public transportation services in Klang Valley under RapidKL service will be free of charge for a month.

The initiative was done in conjunction with the launch of the first phase of the Putrajaya MRT, which also begins operations on the same day.

However, netizens are not going well with this initiative and have since taken to social media to express their opinion.

Many netizens called on the government to upgrade and improve the country’s public transport system instead of giving away this one-off freebie.

They also pointed out the inefficient public transport system in the country and the poorly maintained facilities, including lifts and escalators at stations operated by RapidKL as well as KTM Komuter in the Klang Valley.

“I repeat. I would rather you (stakeholders) fix the trains than do this. What’s the point of giving out free rides if we can’t even commute, to begin with? Or did they mysteriously forget about the lack of trains at Pasar Seni recently?” a netizen tweeted.

One netizen said that the issue was never about the price. “Price is not an issue if the service is efficient. Why does the ministry never get this?” a frequent commuter asked.

“The issues that we as customers face are the frequencies of trains and the lack of maintenance,” another netizen said.

In the meantime, many also referred to the recent extension of train interval that has caused massive queues at transit stations like Pasar Seni.

“Don’t take us for a ride with free rides. This still doesn’t solve the problem as there will still be long lines at transit stations like Pasar Seni. Why not increase train frequency? Get the public transport system fixed,” a netizen said.

“The problem is right now, the trains and facilities can’t cope with the public demand… if it is free, it’ll mean more people will take the train. The stations will be even more crowded,” said another netizen.

Meanwhile, some suggested that the initiative is merely being introduced to ‘buy’ the peoples’ votes in the upcoming General Election. 

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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