Friday, March 31, 2023

Rural Development Minister visits UK to hear student’s concerns, sparks an outrage online

Social NewsRural Development Minister visits UK to hear student's concerns, sparks an outrage...

Last month, Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad was slammed by netizens for overseas trips to the United Kingdom (UK) to meet up with Malaysian student representatives there, which netizens claimed does not bring benefit the students here.

Despite the criticisms, Minister of Rural Development Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid has done something similar where he visited students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in the UK.

The visit was led by the UMNO Clubs in the UK and Ireland chairman Muhammad Iman Irfan Yahya and attended by 9 student leaders of the clubs.

Meanwhile, in a now-deleted tweet, Mahdzir shared that some of the students had to take a 9-hour bus ride from Glasgow, while others came from Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and London.

While the visit seemed normal at one glance, netizens were quick to point out the fact that the minister was there to hear out the students’ concerns, but ignore the local student’s plea for better education or infrastructure.

One of the top comments by Malaysians was, “What concerns?”, as they referred to the fact that these students are in fact scholarship recipients who should not have any major concerns that would require Mahdzir to meet with them in person all the way in London.

“Are the students there dying of hunger? Are they sleeping under the London Bridge? or taking boats to class?… Talking about difficulties as if the college is in the Amazon forest,” said a netizen.

Netizens then asked if the Minister had considered listening to the concerns of our local students in rural areas who are facing a much more difficult time getting to school as those areas are usually severely underdeveloped.

“Have you heard out the concerns of the children of Sabah and Sarawak who go to school by boats, collapsed bridges and slippery red dirt roads,” said a user.

Many also expressed their frustration and anger at the minister with sarcasm.

“Wow, the coverage is so wide that even the UK, which is overseas, is under the responsibility of YB? Amazing. Have you had time to visit Primark?” asked a netizen.

We hope that the ministers will spend more effort in helping the students in Malaysia as compared to those who are privileged enough to study overseas.

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