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The LRT station is even more congested, many are late for work

Many passengers who used the Light Rail Transit (LRT) this morning were stranded due to the unusual congestion to go to work.

The congestion occurred during peak hours at the Pasar Seni Station here from about 8 am to 9 am this morning and it is understood that the same thing happened yesterday morning.

The congestion also spread on social media after virtual citizens shared the situation at LRT stations when many passengers could not continue their journey to work with some saying only 50 per cent of all LRT users could reach work.

However, a survey in several LRT areas around here at about 10:30 this morning found that the congested areas that were spread on social media were already empty.

An employee at a stall in the LRT station area who declined to be identified said the area was full of people around 8am.

“There were a lot of people this morning, again now they are all working in the office, so that may be the reason for this congestion,” he said, adding that the frequency of train services was reduced to every 5 minutes compared to before, every 3 minutes.

“The situation here this morning was controlled by several auxiliary police to avoid congestion at the platform,” he said.

Meanwhile, the survey also found that there was some damage to escalators in some LRT areas which also caused major congestion during peak hours, namely morning and evening when people go to and from work.

Private sector worker Avie Malinah Lampisung, 26, said the damage to the escalator was very burdensome especially during peak hours when people had to queue long and cause congestion as the area was the main route.

“I hope that the relevant parties make repairs quickly because this situation has been around for a long time, … the damage happened before the PKP,” he said.

Another private employee who only wanted to be called Shahrul, 30, said it was hoped that Prasarana (Prasarana Malaysia Berhad) would find a solution immediately to overcome the damage to the facility because apart from being the main route for consumers, it was also the main route to the surrounding shopping malls. capital city.

“Pity the old people who come to the mall, because when the escalator breaks down they have to go up the stairs and it is not safe for them,” he said.


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