Monday, January 30, 2023

M’sian hackers launched cyber attack on Indian websites over ruling party officials’ insults against Prophet Muhammad

NewsM'sian hackers launched cyber attack on Indian websites over ruling party officials'...

A group of Malaysian hackers, known as DragonForce Malaysia has reportedly launched a large-scale cyber attack on about 70 government websites and private portals in India on Sunday (12 June).

According to the Times of India, the hacked official websites include the Indian embassy in Israel and the National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management and the Institute of Science, Nagpur among others, and the portals of the Delhi Public School.

In the state of Maharashtra alone, the group defaced more than 50 websites.

It was also reported that there were attempts to hack the website of a prominent bank.

It is believed that this attack was a retaliation to the offensive remarks made by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, against Prophet Muhammad.

The group had also called on other Muslim hackers as well as human rights organisations to initiate a campaign against India over the offensive remarks made by the officials of the BJP, the ruling government party in the country.

Source: Arab News

Meanwhile, the BJP officials who made the offensive remarks regarding Islam and the Prophet have been suspended or expelled, while India’s high commissioner to Malaysia said their comments did not reflect the Indian government’s views.

The high commissioner was summoned to Putrajaya by the foreign ministry last week over the incident.

Since the derogatory remarks went viral, the Indian government has faced a strong backlash from the Muslim world, including from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, the Maldives, Bahrain, Turkiye as well as Malaysia.

Qatar had also asked for an apology from the government over the comments.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Dragonforce Malaysia has launched mass hacking of foreign sites.

In May last year, the notorious hackers, hacked into various Israeli CCTV networks, that belonged to government agencies and personal homes.

A month later, the rogue group hacked into the database of an Israeli recruitment company, Academe, and leaked the personal details of hundreds of thousands of Israeli students online.

Following their recent cyber attacks on India, the group posted a message on its homepage that reads: “it is a special operation on the insult of our Prophet Muhammad”.

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