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Extended train frequency caused massive crowd at LRT/MRT stations and on the train

Source: Twitter

A minute or two makes a lot of difference for commuters who depend on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) during the rush hour.

Recently, angry commuters have taken to Twitter to express their frustration for having to endure the long waiting hours and massive crowd due to a slight delay in the train frequencies during the morning rush.

Many claimed that the issue should have been solved a long time ago as the problems have repeatedly been brought up but to no avail. 

Early morning yesterday (14 June), RapidKL posted on its Twitter account the updated frequency schedule for trains which saw the LRT Kelana Jaya line set to have a train arrive every 5 minutes, while MRT routes would have an arrival every 10 minutes. 

The circuits are supposed to have a frequency of every 4 and 8 minutes respectively for each transit. 

RapidKL also explained that a train was experiencing “technical difficulties” and had to be removed from service. It also assured that the frequency would return to normal soon.

Nonetheless, this increase in the waiting period has caused a massive crowd both at the station and on the train. This was highlighted by Twitter user @Bh3maN as he laments how people were forced to wait for the subsequent train, as the ones that arrived were packed due to the high volume of people and limited frequency. 

Other commuters also share photos of the long queues at the Masjid Jamek and Pasar Seni train stations, respectively. 

“I have complained hundreds of times about the poor public transportation system in Malaysia. I am too tired,” said a netizen.

A similar incident had happened last month, where passengers on the line were left fuming after a service disruption caused them to be stranded at stations.

Following the incident, Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Amir Hamdan had in a press conference explained that the disruption was caused by a stalled train that had a brake calliper hydraulic leakage problem.

In less than a week, another incident happened where RapidKL said the Traction Power Substations at the Taman Jaya and Universiti stations had experienced a temporary power supply issue at 8.36 am.

It added that initial investigations revealed that the incident was caused by a disconnected circuit breaker which led to the loss of electricity supply and the train’s halt.

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