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Watch: Shoppers in Sandakan Mall evacuate mall in fear of earthquake, turns out to be a false alarm

Social NewsWatch: Shoppers in Sandakan Mall evacuate mall in fear of earthquake, turns...

On Sunday (12 June), a video showing patrons and tenants evacuating a shopping mall in Sandakan, Sabah after claims of the building is on the verge to collapse had gone viral on social media.

It turns out that it was some cracked tiles in a shop lot that triggered the panic.

In the video that went viral on TikTok, it showed shoppers at the Harbour Mall Sandakan panicking and running for their lives, believing the building was going to collapse due to an earthquake after a loud sound was heard in the mall.


Siapalah yang prank gempa bumi tadi dekat mall di Sandakan. Habis orang pakat lari tadi 😇 #fyp #sandakan

♬ original sound – Fyp lah! – Fyp lah!

Balas kepada @ieza920 ada yg kata kena prank ada yg kata bangunan retak#fyp #harbourmallsandakansabah

♬ bunyi asal – nurdianazrina – nurdianazrina

Shoppers were seen running down the escalators to safety.

However, it turned out that the loud sound that was heard in the mall was not due to an earthquake, but a small section of the floor tiles in one of the shop lots popped up earlier that morning.

In response to the incident, the mall released an official statement on its Facebook page to explain the loud sound.


“Yes, indeed there was a loud noise from level 4. It was caused by a small section of floor tiles that popped (cracked) this morning.

“Please be assured that our mall building is in absolute good tenable condition and (there are) no structural issues as claimed by some irresponsible parties,” the statement read, while sharing several photos of the cracked tiles.

At the same time, it also urged the public to remain calm and refrain from spreading such false news without verifying its authenticity.


The Sandakan Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) enforcement unit were also called to inspect the cracked tiles incident that occurred on the 4th floor of the mall.

Here’s some advice for everybody to stay calm and follow instructions given by management and authorities in the event of an emergency.

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