Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rude elderly man scolds MRT passenger a ‘bitch’ for taking ‘his’ seat in train

Social NewsRude elderly man scolds MRT passenger a 'bitch' for taking 'his' seat...

Public transportation is meant to be used by everyone and nobody should claim a seat belongs to theirs, especially when it is crowded during peak hours.

Nonetheless, we are taught to give our seats to those who need them, for example, pregnant women, the disabled and senior citizens. However, what would you do if an old man starts yelling at you for taking “his” seat despite there being plenty of room to sit?

Recently, Twitter user @chnrsyrn posted a story of her experience while taking the MRT, along with 2 pictures of an elderly man who she claimed to have caused a lot of trouble for the passengers.

In her post, she said the old man is a foreigner and he had been extremely rude to anyone who sat on his seat that he supposedly “claimed”.

“There were a lot of empty seats. I was one of his victims today. He cursed at me, calling me a ‘stupid bitch’,” she said.

Nonetheless, she shared that she was lucky as a girl came over and stood up for her. The girl scolded the old man but the man stomped his umbrella to the floor and told them to shut up.

Apparently, this is not the first time the man had been doing this. In the comment section, a few netizens pointed out that they’ve come across this old man on the MRT and LRT before and he was as rude as how the user described him to be.

Some netizens also tagged RapidKL and MRT Corp asking them to take action against this old man.

Meanwhile, RapidKL has also responded to the netizens’ call and said they have been made aware of the situation. “We have been informed about the issue. Thank you.” they responded in a tweet.

However, as of the time of writing, neither Rapid KL nor MRT Corp released any statement or updates on the incident.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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