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JPJ: Renew your driving licence by 30 June or have your licence revoked

NewsJPJ: Renew your driving licence by 30 June or have your licence...

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that those who have yet to renew their expired driving licences by 30 June will have their licences revoked and slapped with a fine for driving without a license.

In a statement, JPJ listed four driving license classes which may face revocation if the license has expired for 1 to 3 years and they are,

  • Learner’s driving license (LDL) expired for two years.
  • Probationary driving license (PDL) for over a year.
  • Competent driving license (CDL) for over three years.
  • Public service vehicle (PSV) and goods driving license (GDL) for over three years.

Meanwhile, people who are holding an expired driving licence have until 30 June to renew their licence. If they fail to do so, they can be fined for not possessing a valid driving license if they are found driving.

JPJ added that those who have license revoked will be required to undergo the entire process of obtaining their driving license again.

Source: Bernama

Renew your driving license online

If you do not have time to queue at JPJ offices to get your driving licence renew, you can always do it online Lesen2u or MyEG.

After completing your application, the renewed license will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Moratorium has ended

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Transport Ministry issued a moratorium that allowed the renewal of driving licenses to be delayed until 31 December 2021 and enabled motorists to drive with expired licenses during the pandemic lockdown.

However, JPJ’s records showed that hundreds of thousands of driving license holders have yet to renew their licenses despite being past the 31 December deadline.

According to JPJ, many motorists told its personnel that they were under the impression that the moratorium was still in effect.

Now that the moratorium has expired, JPJ is once again catching those who are driving with an expired licence.

Renew your licence now and avoid getting fined or you will have to retake the driving test again.

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