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#ManaDokumenKami resurfaces online, M’sian mothers are still waiting anxiously for their children’s itizenship

The hashtag #ManaDokumenKami and #sayaJugaAnakMalaysia has recently resurfaced on Twitter as Malaysian mothers continue to struggle to obtain citizenship status for their children.

Rachel, a mother has taken to Twitter and said, “All the mums have been trying for years. But we were never taken seriously. Now is our best chance to end this once and for all. But that means dragging our kids to the front line to fight with us. We’re tired. When will this stop?”

She also shared a photo of her son holding a placard which reads, “109 hari sejak permohonan di JPN Putrajaya. #ManaDokumenKami?” (It has been 109 days since we filed an application at the National Registration Department, Putrajaya. Where is our (citizenship) document?”

She said her son’s mood immediately switched from normal to downcast once they arrived at JPN as he remembers this is the place we spent countless of hours trying to make him a Malaysian.

“He is traumatised. As a mother, I am ridden with guilt. But what choice do I have?” she said.

She added that she tried to shield my child from the equal citizenship rights advocacy as much as she can but many people including our own government don’t seem to realise that these children are real and are suffering.

“The government acts like as if these kids don’t exist (or worse, them being national threats),” she added.

Rachel then said many more mothers and children are in the same situation and they are going through a lot of struggles, but their voices cannot be heard.

Another Malaysian mother from Johor, Esther on Twitter shared, “After countless of trips to the JPN, we are both very tired and disappointed. Two weeks ago, I was told by them, my documents were accepted due to the court order but they have not processed it.”

“No one knows when they’re going to start processing it. On today’s (June 10) trip, I was told to return after six months. Will I get my documents by that time? No one knows. #ManaDokumenKami.”

“Stop treating Malaysian mothers as second class citizens and give us our document now! #ManaDokumenKami #SayaJugaAnakMalaysia,” she wrote.

Ester further explained that while mothers might be able to tolerate discrimination, they could not bear the thought of seeing their children being discriminated against.

Source: Twitter

“We want them to have equal rights in their motherland,” she wrote.

In September last year, the Kuala Lumpur High Court has ruled that Malaysian mothers now have the right to grant citizenship to their children born overseas, on equal basis to Malaysian men.

Despite the court’s order for JPN to register these children as Malaysians, the department has not act on it.

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