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AirAsia gets panned by M’sians in a failed audience engagement attempt

Social NewsAirAsia gets panned by M'sians in a failed audience engagement attempt

It appears that Malaysians are not going well with AirAsia for multiple unpleasant experiences the company gives.

Recently, the administrators of the @airasia Twitter account had attempted to create a conversation with their audiences and asked on Twitter, “What advice will you give a first-time flyer?”

While such a question may look simple and normal, it had went viral on Twitter with many netizens taking the opportunity to pan the company over its allegedly poor track record of customer service.

One common response from netizens is that one should only fly AirAsia if there was absolutely no alternative.

“Don’t fly AirAsia unless you really have no f***ing choice. Like really no f***ing choice.” said a netizen.

Another netizen pointed out one should consider taking the train, ship, or even submarine and leave AirAsia as their absolutely last choice.

Meanwhile, netizens also pan the company for allegedly rescheduling flights without giving prior notice.

“They’ve rescheduled my flights 2 times without notice. I was lucky they weren’t for urgent matters,” said a netizen.

Other than that, netizens also highlighted the troublesome refund process for cancelled flights with the airline.

“Cancel your tickets with AirAsia. Wait, that cannot be. Claim back your money… wait cannot also. Ask for refund…., aahh cibai. Just don’t buy from AirAsia.” commented a netizen.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time AirAsia has come under fire for their bad customer service.

On 11 May, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi said his ministry had initiated an investigation into public complaints and said AirAsia has agreed to refund their customers affected by the delays.

He said the initial probe found that the issues had occurred since late April and have persisted since then.

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