Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch: Woman tries to scam pet shop with QRPay trick, gets caught by shopowner

Social NewsWatch: Woman tries to scam pet shop with QRPay trick, gets caught...

While most thought that going cashless with QR pay is supposed to be more secure and convenient, it appears opportunists are always looking for ways to exploit the system.

Recently, Faez who is the owner of a pet store and hotel named Purrfect Pets took to Twitter to share how he nearly got scammed by a ‘customer’.

In a thread, he said the woman walked into his store with her two young boys and got a few things from the shop. Her purchase totalled about RM40 and she first tried to pay with DuitNow.

Following the transaction, Faez checked for the proof of transaction on the QRPayBiz app, but there was nothing.

However, the woman did not leave the store and she continued to browse for more things to buy. This time, Faez decided to step up to the counter when the second round of transactions began.

This time, she showed her phone screen to confirm the payment. She then casually took all the items and got into the car.

Again, Faez checked in the app but he did not get any notification about the payment. Faez noticed that something was not right and quickly rushed to stop the woman and demanded her to return all the items.

An argument started between them and the woman claimed that her money has been deducted from her account. However, Faez insisted that she return all the items and take the issue up with Maybank, so she left empty-handed.

However, the matter did not end there and the woman asked Faez when her money will be returned to her. This time, Faez contacted Maybank’s Fraud Department and they advised him to ignore her and tell her to call them instead.

Despite failing her attempt, Faez shared that the woman tried again at another branch of his pet store. Fortunately, the staff in the shop had already been warned, so they waited for the transaction to go through before letting her leave.

In the end, she paid with cash.

As a precaution for business owners, Faez also share the CCTV footage showing how the woman attempted her scam. According to the footage, the woman was spotted taking a screenshot of the Pay page and then closing her Maybank app before showing the phone to the cashier.

She then cropped out the “Pay Now” button on the screenshot of the page, and instead of the page indicating a “Successful” payment, she put in the company’s name.

With this, Faez advised all business owners that uses QRPay to check for proof of transaction in the QRPayBiz app just to be sure.

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