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Survey shows that majority of M’sians wants govt to ban ‘negative’ activities such as alcohol, sugary drinks and gambling

NewsSurvey shows that majority of M'sians wants govt to ban 'negative' activities...

Earlier this year, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said his ministry is looking into a bill to ban smoking among youths and the bill is expected to be tabled in the Parliament this July.

However, it appears that some Malaysians are expecting the government to ban more than just smoking and vaping.

In a recent study conducted by the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) involved 1,259 respondents and it is found that a majority of them want several things to be banned in the country as well, such as alcohol, gambling, bars, nightclubs, karaoke joints and the sale of sugary beverages.

Source: Malay Mail

According to Berita Harian, the survey was conducted to gauge the general public’s views on other negative habits for future generations, apart from smoking and vaping.

The findings showed that 89% of them want the government to ban alcohol, 69% want the government to ban the sale of sugary beverages, 86% want the government to ban gambling and 79% want the government to ban nightclubs, karaoke joints, and pubs from operating.

Source: Berita Harian

Despite the results of the survey, PPIM chief activist Nadzim said the association does not agree with the respondents’ demand for the government to impose blanket bans on the sale and use of products for future generations, even though such proposals are well-intentioned.

Nadzim explained that such bans could lead to other problems, including the emergence and increasing the sales of black-market items and other criminal activities.

In addition, he said the enforcement activities are difficult and it can make criminals of consumers above the age of 18 too.

Source: NST

“We are also aware that other products and services have a negative impact on consumers. For example, alcohol can destroy a community, sugary drinks can affect one’s health, and gambling can cause one to fall into debt.

“And if the government is adamant about banning cigarettes and vaping for health reasons, many have also made it clear that they want the government to curb other negative habits for the coming generation,” he said.

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