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SEGi University & Colleges faces backlashes from public for publicly announcing termination of 2 lecturers

SEGi University & Colleges has come under fire from netizens for revealing the termination details of 2 lecturers on 3 June.

In 2 separate Facebook posts, they shared the faces of the 2 terminated employees along with a brief explanation of their dismissal.

According to the posts, both the lecturers were terminated on the grounds of “compromising private intellectual property and unethical acts” involving the PhD candidates’ examinations.

Source: Facebook

It added that a police report has been lodged against them and that legal action will be taken as well.

Meanwhile, the 2 posts from SEGi University have since sparked an outrage from netizens as they condemn SEGi University’s actions for being extremely unprofessional and unethical.

Some also accused them of seeking cheap publicity. Nonetheless, several of the comments said the university should not humiliate their employees by posting their photos or even mentioning the police reports until the investigations are complete.

“Totally unprofessional on SEGi’s part. Innocent until proven guilty. Venting on social media is uncalled for and degrading someone is unbecoming. Imagine the effect on him and his family!” said a netizen.

“This is so unethical! Please raise the standards of your HR staff. Domestic Inquiry (DI) investigations need to be handled in private with confidentiality and not published on any social websites!” said another netizen.

Despite the public backlash, neither SEGi nor the police has yet to release an official statement addressing the issue.

Nonetheless, we are not sure if they will be responding to the backlashes but we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more updates!


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