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Malaysian short film, Plastik, gets chosen by UN to address plastic pollution in Southeast Asia

Social NewsMalaysian short film, Plastik, gets chosen by UN to address plastic pollution...

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues as people increasingly use disposable plastics.

In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the use of single-use plastic, the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme has been inviting content creators to produce artworks, music, and films.

Recently, Malaysian filmmakers Philip Rom of Reservoir Production has partnered with Sean Lin of Studio Birthplace to produce (PLASTIK), a short film that gives audiences an insight into our terrifying future if plastic pollution continues.

Source: YouTube

The 2-minute and 38-second short file showed a visual narrative through the eyes of a child viewing the world through a plastic bottle.

(PLASTIK) highlights our indifference towards the issue. Through the eyes of Aisya, the very talented 10 year old actress, we see her represent a younger generation waking up and seeing this indifference and mess, and we see her journey from being unaware to becoming aware and driving change,” said Sean, who produced the film.

Source: YouTube

The film is both heartbreaking and warm at the same time but it sends a simple and clear message to its audiences. “We need to stop using single-use plastic.”

(PLASTIK) was launched in conjunction with World Environment Day and it was made possible through the United Nations Environment Program. The program amplifies the UNEA 5.2 resolution, which saw 175 member states unanimously agree to develop a legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution by the end of 2024.

Malaysia’s commitment to reduce plastic

Just last month, the government announced the “No Plastic Bag” campaign to reduce plastic pollution in the country.

Under this campaign, consumers will be charged a minimum value of 20 sen for each plastic bag they requested. The campaign had already been carried out in Penang, Selangor, and Johor but it will now be implemented nationwide.

However, Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man did not specify when this campaign will start.

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