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Female Genting Dealers wear new red body-fitting red dress

Resorts World Genting has been a fan favourite amongst Malaysians since its first opening as Genting Highlands Resort in 1965.

Well-known for the cold-temperatures that are uncommon for locals, but even more well-known for it’s pride and joy; Genting Casino and SkyCasino.

However, it seems as though netizens are no longer going to the casinos to gamble? The Genting dealers have changed into new uniforms, and netizens seem to be fairly excited about it. Several photos have been circulated on Facebook recently of the Genting Dealers in different styles of long and body-fitting red dresses/rompers.

It seems as though netizens were arguing that the picture taken is not from Malaysia and is from Singapore instead. There were several comments left on the same Facebook post saying things like:

“This is not Genting lah. I think superimposed. Genting uniform is black & white skirt & jacket”

Finally, some netizens discovered that the tables from the pictures are located in the SkyCasino, which is unmistakably in Malaysia. Some internet users wondered if it was a VIP room, but someone explained that these tables are on the first floor near the payment counter, not a VIP room.

In other circumstances, several netizens said that only a few dealers at certain tables have changed into new uniforms whilst others are still wearing the original uniform.


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