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Watch: Motorcyclists stops at toll booth and honks driver to pay up so they can pass through

Social NewsWatch: Motorcyclists stops at toll booth and honks driver to pay up...

There’s different types of people on the roads and one of them whom Malaysians hated most is motorcyclist who dashes through the toll booth right after the boom gate goes up.

Just last month, a similar incident happened with a driver was got stuck at the toll booth after the motorcyclist dashed through the toll booth, causing the boom gate to close on the driver.

Recently, another video showcased motorists waiting directly at the toll booth for the driver behind to pay for the driver to pay the toll.

Source: Twitter

It is believed that the incident took place at the Touch ‘n Go lane of a toll booth on the Duke Highway.

In the video, the driver can be seen refusing to tap his Touch ‘n Go card to open the barrier and one of the motorcyclists then turns around to prompt the driver to make the toll payment for them to pass through.

The motorcyclists even honked at the driver, to which the driver retaliated by honking back.

The video has since gone viral on social media with people criticising the motorcyclists for bringing inconvenience to the other road users. Many also pointed out that there are designated lanes for motorcycles but if they choose to use toll booths, they should be the ones paying.

“If it was me there, I would have got down from my car and scolded them.” said a netizen.

“I would have reversed my car and turned to the other lanes.” said another netizen.

Nonetheless, some netizens shared that perhaps motorcyclists do not want to use the motorcycle lane as there could have been a PDRM roadblocks.

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