Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Puchong hair studio goes viral after including sexy models in grand opening, assures public that they do not provide ‘massage’ service

Social NewsPuchong hair studio goes viral after including sexy models in grand opening,...

A newly-opened hair salon in Puchong went viral on social media after it share images of sexy Thai models washing the hair of male customers. However, the images were soon taken down by the hair salon themselves after being circulated on social media.

The pictures were part of the hair salon’s way of promoting its grand opening on 2 June. However, these pictures have led to people think it offers sensual massage ‘services’.

The viral post of the sexy Thai models have also attracted the police’s attention, where an investigation was conducted following their visit at the hair salon on Tuesday (7 June).


Nonetheless, on the same day, the owner of the hair studio also lodged a report at the Puchong Police Station after realising that the images of his hair salon with the Thai models went viral for the wrong reasons.

“Those were purely promotional images for the hair salon’s grand opening, not an indication of massage services,” the owner said in the police report, adding that he lodged the report for safety precautions.


Meanwhile, the hair studio has taken to its socials to remind everyone that it does not provide any ‘massage’ services.

They have also stressed that the pictures are only for promotional and entertainment purposes.

“If you ask anything about massage services again, I will screenshot and make a police report.” it said in a post.

At the time of writing, PDRM has not released any statements about their investigations and it is not sure if the hair studio will be issued any fine.

Nonetheless, the lesson here is that images without a proper context may send the wrong messages to the people.

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