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TikToker dies after jumping in front of a fast-moving truck in a ‘Angel of Death’ challenge

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These days, people are willing to do anything and everything just for the sake of making content. Apparently, some are even willing to risk their lives.

Recently, a TikTok trend called the challenge malaikat maut – ‘the angel of death challenge’ has been going viral in Indonesia and it involves people jumping in front of fast-moving trucks in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

Unfortunately, most of them landed in hospitals and some even lost their lives in this challenge.

In a post by Twitter user @AboutTNG, the admin shared a video showing a group of 3 kids carrying out the challenge and only for 1 of their friends were hit by the massive lorry they were trying to stop.

The user explained that the teenager involved in the incident had died on impact.

Meanwhile, CNN Indonesia reported that this is not the first incident where a youngster had died from attempting the challenge.

In another incident, a TikToker lost his life while his friend ended up receiving medical treatment for severe injuries after getting hit by a truck while carrying out the challenge.

According to Hai, the TikToker had done the challenge 5 times and a friend of the deceased said he only did it to make video content to become famous.

“The ‘Angel of Death challenge’, according to the children’s explanation, it should look as if they are about to be hit by a truck but they move aside.”

Source: Hai

“From the witness’s explanation, his (the victim’s) only intention was to become famous, as it goes viral. That’s dangerous,” said the Indonesian authorities.

It is saddening to see the younger generation is willing to put their lives in danger just for the sake of becoming famous.

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