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“Fix your potholes!” Foreigner slams M’sian authorities for not taking care of the roads and the rakyat

Potholes are no stranger to Malaysians and despite the public’s multiple complaints, the authorities are still taking their own sweet time to repair them. Meanwhile, it appears that our terrible roads have even attract criticisms from foreigners.

Recently, the LANDO Zawawi – Brotherhood Malaysia Facebook page shared a video that showed the representative of his Brotherhood group from Australia, who compared Malaysia’s roads to that of Peru’s, at the same time, condemning the Malaysian government for their lack of action.

“Many have been asking who the 2 hardcore riders are, who have BROTHERHOOD stickers on their helmets and motorbikes.”

Source: Facebook

“Andy is the representative of BROTHERHOOD AUSTRALIA, the grandson of the founder of the Harley Davidson Riders Group in the United Kingdom. The young one is Toby, a riding writer and video blogger. They’ve ridden all over the world.” the post reads.

Meanwhile, Andy can be heard sharing how far they’ve gone on their motorcycles, the people they’ve met on their journey and where he was at the moment.

“We have been riding with people from Ireland, America, and Ecuador. We’ve been riding with people from Venezuela, telling them all about the brotherhood and they’re all very keen to know what’s happening,” said Andy.

“We’ve been riding around on such beautiful roads. Look at these, beautiful roads in Peru. And it makes you wonder. How come when Peru is a poor country, they can have these beautiful country roads where not many people go, and they look after their people.”

He then took a swipe at the Malaysian government for falling behind Peru.

Source: The Star

“And the Malaysian authorities cannot even look after their own people while fixing their potholes.”

“You’re wondering why there’s no beard on Santa, because this is serious. Fix your potholes! Save your people,” said Andy.

Nonetheless, Andy’s statement about the country’s roads is real and most Malaysians agree with this fact.

What do you think about this? Do you think Andy’s statement will be a wake-up call for the authorities? Share your thoughts!


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