Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“Does this look like a 3rd-world country?” American TikToker clears stereotype that Malaysians still stay on trees

Social News"Does this look like a 3rd-world country?" American TikToker clears stereotype that...

Travelling is all about learning how people in other countries live and their cultures as well. Through travelling, one may also find things that are out of their expectations.

Recently, an American woman took to her TikTok account to share a trip she had to Malaysia and made clear to her followers that she’s not in a third world country like they imagined.

American TikTok user Tiffany Werner is a travelling content creator who posts videos of places she visits around the world. Meanwhile, her recent videos showed her stay here in Malaysia and one of her videos went viral on social media.

A recent video with the caption, “Wow!! Blown away” showed Tiffany entering Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur as she tells her followers that Malaysia is not a third world country like they imagined.

“For all the people in America that think that I’m in some third world country, does this look like a third world country to you?” she said as she shows off the awesome sight of the mall.

She added that her home country, America does not have malls the same as the one in Malaysia or more specifically, Pavilion Mall.

While she intended to educate the world about Malaysia, netizens’ reactions to the video were mixed. Some Malaysian netizens welcome and thanked Tiffany for explaining to her followers that Malaysia is not a third world country but a developing country, while others criticised Americans for having an ignorant mindset of the world outside of their country.

“Americans… I don’t expect much from. Few Americans that I met were surprised with our fish dishes not in fillet form.” said a netizen.

“It’s not surprising that Americans would think that about other countries because most of them think that the world revolves around USA. She can call us a 3rd world country but she knows their malls are sad, food is bland and their train system is as bad as our KTM.” said Ceddy, a Malaysian food blogger.

Nonetheless, this shows that the stereotype that people in 3rd world countries are still living on trees is still going on and we still have many to do to break away from this stereotype.

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