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Kuching man managed to escape crocodile attack by slapping the reptile

Social NewsKuching man managed to escape crocodile attack by slapping the reptile

A man in Kuching, Bohri Jali cheated death after he managed to escape from a crocodile attack with minor injuries at Kampung Tabuan Melayu.

The man was  doing some repair work on his house near the riverbank when the attack happened around 10 am on Sunday (5 June).

Malay Mail reported that he managed to escape from the jaws of the ferocious beast by only slapping its head as it was only a relatively small ‘baby croc’.

In an interview with the daily, his daughter, Zairina Bohri said that she heard her mother, Shamsiah Narawi, screaming before running out of the house to see what had happened to her father.

Source: Malay Mail

“I heard my mother scream: ‘Amoi, bapak kau kenak serang boyak ya!’ (Girl, your father is being attacked by a crocodile!).” she said.

Bohri has since been sent to a nearby health clinic to get his wounds treated.

Meanwhile, this is the second crocodile attack that was reported in Sarawak within a month.

The last attack being in Telaga Ai involving a 7-year-old boy on 21 May. The boy’s remains had not been found since.

What to do in a crocodile attack

According to History.com, crocodile attacks are 100 times deadlier than shark attacks and happen more frequent.

A crocodile’s jaw crushes down on its victim with 3,700 pounds per square inch of force. In comparison, that is more than 3.5 times the bite of a lion and 25 times that of a human.

Hence, the best bet to escape a crocodile attack is to avoid them at all costs and run. However, if things did not go according to plans, here’s some tips to remember.

1. Back away slowly and run in a straight line

If you run into a crocodile, back away slowly and try not to make sudden movements. Splashing in water will draw its attention.

If it heads your direction, run in a straight line. Crocodiles can move at 10 miles per hour, so running in zig-zag motion will be a waste of time. Remove those flip flops so you can run faster.

2. Poke its eyes

Crocodile’s eyes are it vulnerable spot and you can try your best to gouge or poke the crocodile’s eyes.

In 2014, a man named Stephen Moreen was dragged underwater by a crocodile but he managed to escape by poking the crocodile’s eye.

3. Fight like mad

If you are pulled underwater, you’ll need to face the reptile with all your might and fight back like mad. Don’t forget to poke the crocodile’s eyes too.

In 1985, Val Plumwood was pulled into a death roll — an attack meant to drown and subdue the prey. After surviving 2 death rolls, she attempted to climb a paperbark tree but was pulled in for a final death roll.

Determined to survive, she fought against the crocodile by hitting it and jabbing her fingers into what may be its eyes or nose. She managed to escape and survived to tell the tale.

4. Sacrifice a limb

This option should be your choice to save your life. It involves sacrificing a limb that’s chomped by the croc.

Rudy Francis, a zoo worker, was feeding crocodiles at a Malaysian farm in 2017 when a crocodile bit his arm and began the death roll.

His leg got caught between the crocodile’s teeth but he told his co-workers to pull him to safety and let the crocodile tear his leg away.

While he lost his right leg below the knee and his right hand, he survived the ordeal.

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