Saturday, March 25, 2023

Youth ministry introduces ‘Kata Dua’ programme to educate youths on healthy politics, sparked a huge debate online

Social NewsYouth ministry introduces 'Kata Dua' programme to educate youths on healthy politics,...

The Youth and Sports Ministry has introduced the ‘Kata Dua’ programme to educate the younger generation about politics and how to be involved in the political world in a healthy way.

According to Youth and Sports Minister Ahmad Faizal Azumu, the programme aims to get youths to learn politics based on noble values and healthy political participation and this can help prevent the younger generation from participating in street demonstrations that could jeopardise the country’s harmony and their future.

The programme is a cooperation between Youth and Sports Ministry, Impact Malaysia and The Body Shop, and it comprises three components, namely D-Camp, The Body Shop Changemakers’ Fund and the sharing of opinions about the country’s political and socio-economic issues.


Azumu added that one of the modules which have been absorbed into the programme is training the participants to improve their capacity and understanding of Malaysia’s democracy system and organising community social impact projects.

“Through ‘Kata Dua’, noble values in politicking will be absorbed, among them active participation in politics but based on a sense of responsibility, manners and respecting every culture in the country,” he said.

Bernama also reported that 600 people have participated in the programme to compete for a slot in the final which will qualify them to receive ‘The Body Shop Changemakers’ Fund valued at RM5,000 if the community social impact project undertaken is selected.

Meanwhile, the programme has sparked a huge debate among netizens with some criticising the minister for organising something that seems to be a brainwashing programme, while others supported the political empowerment initiative.

“Why would you want to prevent youth from joining street protests? and why do you think there will be street protests?” a netizen said.

“Street protest is a feature of democracy! People’s voices must be heard,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, Twitter user @takterqyira, who attended the programme said there were no brainwashing or whatsoever in the programme and they were taught how to vote, create manifestos, understanding the diversity in the country, and many more.

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