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M’sian woman losses over RM18,000 from her fixed deposit account, did not receive SMS of the illicit transfers

Social NewsM'sian woman losses over RM18,000 from her fixed deposit account, did not...

In recent years, cybercrimes have become more rampant with many people reported having their money mysteriously disappear or transferred away without their knowledge.

While most of the cases involved transferring from savings or current account, it appears that fixed deposits are now at risk too.

Recently, Facebook user Christine took to the social media platform to share how her money was being transferred overnight, causing her to suffer a total loss of RM18,105.


In the post, she said she did not expect her fixed deposits to be transferred just like that and this makes her wonder if keeping her money in the bank is safe. Meanwhile, she has also lodged a police report in regard to this incident.

“I found out yesterday (29th) that my online banking could not log in, but yesterday was a holiday, so the customer service did not operate.” the report reads.

“This morning (30th), I called customer service to find out what happened to my account, and I later found out that there was a large cash transfer, so I immediately went to the bank to find out the details.”

Source: Maybank

Christine also revealed her money was gone in 2 transfers, where The first transfer was RM9,900 and the second transfer was RM8,205, totalling RM18,105. She added that she did not receive any SMS notification too.

Meanwhile, the customer service informed her that the 2 transfers were made to an account named Azarul Ammar Bin Jafri.

In another post, Christine shared that her friend has found out that the bank account was involved in multiple suspicious transfers and have been reported many times by other victims.


However, it appears that the bank account was still not frozen by the authorities and that allowed the perpetrator to continue carrying on the crime.

Her post has since attracted the attention of the public with many began questioning the security of bank accounts.

Some netizens suggested lodging a report to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and getting them to look into the matter too.

Do you still have confidence in our banking system? Share your thoughts!

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