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‘Flying’ Roti Canai didn’t go as plan lands on customer’s face

Mamak workers at Roti Terbang Kampung Mezan in Melaka are popular for entertaining customers with “flying” roti canai.

In the video, customers could be heard cheering and having fun while a few workers tossed the roti canai dough back and forth.

Unfortunately, the “flying” roti canai stunt didn’t go according to plan and landed on one of their customer’s face.

The customer was a good sport and laughed when it happened. The restaurant gave the customer RM50 as a form of compensation for the failed stunt too.

The restaurant also posted the video of their failed stunt on their official TikTok account and apologised by writing, “Sorry boss” in the caption.

Netizens were entertained by the hilarious video and jokingly asked the restaurant to send a roti canai flying their way when they dine there.

They also praised the customer for not losing his temper and for being ‘sporting’ enough to play along with the workers.


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