Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Malaysia’s first gaming hotel SEM9 is now in the town! Rooms are equipped with ultra-high performance PCs!

LifestyleMalaysia’s first gaming hotel SEM9 is now in the town! Rooms are...

SEM9 Senai, a Southeast Asian eSports organisation, has just announced the region’s very first “eSports Hotel” in Johor. According to SEM9, the hotel aims to bring a brand new concept to gaming or eSports field.

The gaming hotel has rooms “tastefully decked with LED lights” and “ultra-high-performance gaming computers powered by the latest Nvidia graphics”, which would be heaven for gamers.

Meanwhile, console and mobile gamers are not left out too. There are rooms designed specifically for mobile gamers and some are fitted with the latest PlayStation 5, together with their DualSense wireless controllers.

There are also rooms that do not have any gaming amenities at all, just in case you want a regular hotel room.

The gaming hotel is literally heaven for gamers as the PCs are equipped with RTX 3090 GPU and high-speed internet to avoid mid-game lagging. As for non-gamers, you’ll be able to enjoy the internet without it being slow.

It also has gaming chairs and other gaming peripherals that you could want to play eSports and other games to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, they also provide different sized rooms and room styles, as well as the other hotel amenities you would need, such as a bathroom, coffee, bottled water, and air conditioning amongst others.

The new hotel has a slightly different concept than the local cyber cafes that Malaysians frequently visit. This hotel allows gamers to take a nap or a break whenever they are exhausted from gaming with their friends.

The hotel also caters for the needs of different gamers and it has different room designs and stays duration, being full-day stay or half-day stay. Nonetheless, both gamers and non-gamers can check in to the hotel and enjoy their weekend away or short vacation while in Johor.

The hotel is located in Senai, Johor, which is a mere 3-minute walk from Senai International Airport. The rooms are also equipped with ultra-high-performance gaming computers powered by the latest Nvidia graphics for the best gaming experience for their guests.

The opening ceremony was presided by Dato’ Tee Siew Kiong, who is a consultant of the Johor Digital Economy Center. He also noted that it would be an opportunity for many young Johorians to start businesses and create opportunities and help grow Johor’s economy.

He said that eSports hotels are common overseas while it’s a new venture in Malaysia and has business potential for the long run. He added that it would also be a contributor in growing the economy as well

For more information regarding SEM9 eSports hotel visit their official website or Facebook for more information.

What do you think of the eSports hotel concept? Will you be visiting it one day when you’ve got the opportunity?

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