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“Can we have her number?” KKM investigates ‘certified’ dentist who provide braces services for RM300

Social News“Can we have her number?” KKM investigates 'certified' dentist who provide braces...

There’s a high risk when you are seeking treatment from unlicensed or fake doctors as they are not professionally trained to give treatment or to perform certain procedures.

Recently, a Twitter user got herself into trouble after she allegedly tried to promote her friend’s dental business that does braces installation services for only RM300.

In a thread, she claimed that her friend is sort of “certified” by a dentist and would install braces for only RM300.

For some of us who have braces done, this sounds fishy as braces typically cost RM3,000 and above. It could be even more expensive if it is done in private dental clinics.

“A lot of people have done it with her. And she’s certified (I guess). Does anyone want her number?” the user wrote.

“They can even come to your house to do it. For monthly maintenance, you can either go to the clinic or with her which only costs RM50,” she added.

In a follow-up tweet, the user said her friend got certified by a dentist after paying some money and attending a short course which took months. She added that her friend has been doing it for years now.

Source: The Star

Her tweets have since sparked a huge backlash from netizens who slam her for promoting what seemed to be illegal services. They also said that there is no way her friend could have done the whole procedures such as extracting teeth in a patient’s home without taking an x-ray.

Some even wondered how she could be ‘certified’ after learning only for a couple of months. “She got a certificate from a dentist. Must be nice, no need to study at university,” a netizen said.

Following the backlash, the user deleted her tweet and made her account private. However, netizens managed to take a screenshot of the tweet and shared it.

Meanwhile, the tweet had also caught the attention of the Health Ministry and its dentistry and medical practice department.

In a tweet, they asked netizens to share the number of the ’dentist.’

We hope that the ministry will conduct an investigation pertaining this fake medical practitioners as they can bring negative lifelong consequences to their ‘patients’.

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