Thursday, March 30, 2023

M’sian unexpectedly found that the government spends half a billion on maintaining Istana Negara

Social NewsM'sian unexpectedly found that the government spends half a billion on maintaining...

When it comes to using taxpayers’ money, every sen should be spent wisely and accounted for.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, we’ve got several white elephant projects that later turn out to be of no benefit to the people.

Recently, a Twitter user bumped into a project that is worth RM519 million for only the management of the facilities at Istana Negara.

His claims was backed by the screenshots he shared online, where the company’s website on the ‘current projects’ page showed the project named ‘Comprehensive facility management Istana Negara’ is worth RM519.4 million with the client being the Ministry of Public Works.

Meanwhile, the screenshot also showed a list of past projects, where the company revealed that they had previously completed the same project back in 2015, with the contract being worth RM82.3 million.

Source: Widah Group

This has since sparked a huge outrage from Malaysians and many were quick to slam the government for wasting public funds.

“Damn how wasteful, just let that one istana go, half a billion could be used elsewhere.” a netizen said.

Another netizen then suggested that we should not pay taxes as it would end up going to cronies instead of contributing to the nation’s economy.

Some of them also pointed out that the money could be spend on more essential facilities such as schools and hospitals instead.

“To those that put this institution on a pedestal, please justify why we need to spend on it? RM519 million could equal how many schools? Hospitals? New roads,” a netizen asked.

“During the floods, it wasn’t even opened for the rakyat. Hospitals need to be upgraded but don’t have the budget, schools and internal infrastructures are all horrible.” another netizen commented.

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