Friday, March 31, 2023

“I even begged for work!” M’sian shares her experience working as an intern in public service

Social News"I even begged for work!" M'sian shares her experience working as an...

It appears that there is some truth to our stereotype that the government or public service are often slow-paced and doesn’t have much work.

This was pointed out by a netizen who took her experience as an intern in public service to Twitter, but she stressed that her internship was in 2017 and she does not know if things have changed since then.

In the thread, Twitter user @farhan_hakeem wrote, “I have joined an internship in the government service in the past. The office would be dark between 12 pm and 2 pm because of lunch and nap times. I interned for 6 months and I barely did anything because they didn’t know what to hand to me.”

“Plus, I only got paid allowance for 2 months even though I was there for 6, even then they paid me in full after my internship”, she added.

Farhan said that if there were any meetings, she’ll get to eat for free even though she wasn’t really involved and was only given the task to set up the projector.

“I even begged for work and they later gave me a task to do a poster for 2 months,” she said.

Her tweet went viral on Twitter with many sharing their similar experience while working in the public service.

“When I interned in the government, it was like what they were saying in the video. During lunchtime, we could even go home and sleep. Sometimes it was boring cause there was nothing to do,” a netizen shared.

There were some who shared how busy they was when working in the public sector, but most of them said that they are really free while working there.

“Tagged in at 8 am… at 10 am we went out to eat and drink till noon, then at 1 pm, we slept till 2 pm… 4:30 pm we went out to eat again, then 5 pm we went back up to take our bags and tag out.” another netizen shared.

Naturally, many netizens were unhappy with this practice and said it is a waste of public funds. Some called for the government employees’ job description and evaluation to be revised.

“The work description should be much clearer since their job is related with the growth of the nation and not just a single company,” a netizen said.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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