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5G Coverage Map shows Malaysia lagging behind Thailand and Singapore, leading to massive complaint online

Social News5G Coverage Map shows Malaysia lagging behind Thailand and Singapore, leading to...

The 5G technology is set to revolutionize our economy with its ultra-fast speeds and low latency that make futuristic services such as e-health, connected vehicles and traffic systems possible.

However, it appears that Malaysia still has much to catch up on as our neighbours are already enjoying the faster 5G connectivity. A social media post featuring a 5G coverage map of Southeast Asian (SEA) countries has recently gone viral on Facebook.

According to the map, our closest neighbours — Singapore and Thailand — have 5G coverage almost all over the countries, while Malaysia has only a few zones with the fastest Internet connection technology.


The post was based on a screenshot obtained from Ookla Speedtest’s ‘2021 State of 5G Worldwide’ infographic which recorded the 5G’s connection speed in the third quarter of the year.

It also showed that none of the Asian countries is ranked in the top 10 spots except for South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

South Korea, Norway, and United Arab Emirates have the highest median 5G download speed.

However, when it comes to the SEA region, only Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines have 5G coverage at almost every corner of their countries.

As for Malaysia, only a small number of orange dots can be seen in West Malaysia, with the largest cluster seen in what appears to be the greater Klang Valley area.

Comparatively, even Indonesia has more 5G coverage hotspots on the map than Malaysia.

According to an interactive 5G map by Ookla, it also shows that the greater of Kuala Lumpur has six 5G towers, while Singapore has 71 and Bangkok has 144, not including some hundreds more throughout Thailand.

Source: Lowyat.net

In the comment section, M’sians expressed their disappointment over the country’s progress in terms of 5G adoption. Many also pointed out the connectivity issues that they are experiencing.

“In Malaysia, some rural places can’t even get 4G. Even 2G is limited and often has no connection,” a netizen said.

“If you zoom in, you can see Malaysia’s 5G is almost the size of the whole of Singapore. It’s a big achievement.” commented another netizen sarcastically.

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