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There’s a ‘Dry Scooping Challenge’ going around and netizens are disgusted with it

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Several trends and challenges are going on the social media, but some of them are harmful to us and we should never participate in them. Recently, a trend called ‘Dry Scooping Challenge’ went viral on social media and it involves some mouth-to-mouth action.

A viral TikTok video showing a trio of men attempting the challenge has since garnered criticisms on the Internet. The video was later reposted by a user named @zua_al_azmi.

The incident is believed to have taken place at a local gym located in Penang.

In the video, one of the gym-goers was spotted swallowing water in his mouth, before spitting it into another gym mate who was seated on a piece of gym equipment.

Meanwhile, the other guy was also seen swallowing a scoop of pre-workout powder in his mouth and the second guy proceeded to grab the latter by his shoulder and transfer the same water into the his mouth.

Naturally, many netizens are not going well with this challenge and they expressed their disgust with the unhygienic act shown by the three individuals.

Not to mention that dry scooping is already bad for health. Dr Nimelesh on Twitter wrote, “Dry scooping is bad for your health. Dry scooping and getting people to spit water into your mouth is even worse and awful.” 

According to a health portal, the practice known as “dry scooping” is considered as dangerous and worse, it could potentially be deadly.

Traditionally, pre-workout powder is added to water and consumed about a half-hour before putting your muscles to the test. Diluting the powder helps pace your body’s absorption of the product and this makes it much easier on the tummy too.

However, with dry scooping, the powder floods one’s system with caffeine with one swallow. Thus, blood pressure and heart rate may skyrocket as the body takes in the stimulant, particularly as you start exercising.

The jolt of caffeine, which could be equivalent to three or more cups of coffee in an instant, could lead to an irregular heartbeat and can cause palpitations.

Meanwhile, the other risks of dry-scooping include:

  • Accidentally inhaling the powder, which could cause choking.
  • Increased risk of injury while working out due to stimulant-fueled overexertion.

What do you think about this trend? Share your thoughts!

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