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Safety nets to be installed at Penang Bridge, but more need to be done to prevent suicide cases

Social NewsSafety nets to be installed at Penang Bridge, but more need to...

Jumping cases at the Penang Bridge has become more frequent in recent months and this is a worrying phenomenon.

As a preventative measure, some have come up with several suggestions to help save these people who had suicidal thoughts.

Among the suggestion were to install suicide prevention nets at the bridge, which was suggested by the Inforoadblock Facebook page. These nets is similar to what was done for at the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States.


“It’s time to install an anti-suicide net like this under the Penang Bridge because almost every day, there are suicide cases here. Here is an example of an anti-suicide net installed at the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA. We ask that the relevant parties pay more attention to this matter.” it wrote in the Facebook post.

However, netizens think that this is only a short-term solution that does not resolve the core issue of why people have suicidal thoughts. Many also urged the authorities to look at the bigger picture.

Source: Focus Malaysia

“If they fall onto the net, they can still jump from the net. The same thing,” a netizen commented.

“Many people are stressed out now. If they install nets at the bridge, they will go up a building instead. It’s not a bad idea but there needs to be more of an effort to provide help such as counselling, reducing the stigma, improving living standards and more,”

“Not only by the government but also the community and family members themselves must be sensitive to the issue of depression and mental health in each individual.” another netizen said.

That said, preventing suicides is not just the task of the authorities or civil societies, but it required public awareness too.

As a reminder to all, reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness. If you or anyone you know is facing severe stress or having negative thoughts, reach out to these Malaysian hotlines for help!

  • Mental Health Psychosocial Support Service (MHPSS): 03-2935 9935 or 014-322 3392
  • Talian Kasih: 15999, or WhatsApp 019-261 5999
  • Jakim’s Family, Social and Community care centre: WhatsApp 0111-959 8214
  • Befrienders Kuala Lumpur: 03-762 72929

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