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MsPuiyi’s followers disappointed after she showed off her intimate photos with a man

Social NewsMsPuiyi's followers disappointed after she showed off her intimate photos with a...

Last month, local model Ms Pui Yi announced that she has been looking for a boyfriend and she later revealed that she has shortlisted a few men who sent her their resumes via e-mail.

Apparently, she’s got herself one now and her fans, especially guys, were left grieving and heartbroken because of this!

On 27 May, Pui Yi posted a series of photos featuring herself and a man, who is believed to be her new partner. The photos showed both of them in half-naked attires, kissing, languishing and necking in a car, just like a pair of excited couple.

“You will always be my summer,” Pui Yi wrote in the caption of her post and tagged her new ‘partner’.

The man featured in the series of photos is Oskar Lee, a 22-year-old model. Oskar does gigs in the United States and Malaysia. With his muscular physique and alluring tattoos, this might be just the man that Pui Yi has been looking for.

Meanwhile, both Pui Yi and Oskar have yet to make an announcement about their relationship but a huge debate started online.

While some praised and congratulated the couple, there were also several disappointed netizens.

“It should have been me,” a netizen said mournfully.

Source: Instagram

A majority of her followers seemed to be upset and openly declare that they would be unfollowing her, causing a drop in the number of her followers.

On InsTrack, an app for analysing Instagram account stats, MsPuiyi lost about 6,000 followers on 27 May, the date she posted the photos and she lost another 5,000 on 29 May.

Regardless of whether Pui Yi is now dating Oskar, we still hope that she’ll continue to create content for her beloved fans.

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