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UUM bans students from speaking publicly and prohibits them to attend events about Vinosiny’s Death

NewsUUM bans students from speaking publicly and prohibits them to attend events...

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah has issued a gag order against students to ban them from speaking publicly, organising or attending any events related to S Vinosiny, who was electrocuted in her hostel room.

According to FMT, the broad gag order was issued on Friday (27 May) night and it bans students from holding any vigils to honour the 20-year-old student and demand justice for her death.

“UUM hopes students remain calm and reminds them not to get involved in any activity or organise activities such as forums or dialogues, or make any statements, speculations, assumptions, or opinions regarding this case,” the notice reads.

In addition, Malaysiakini also reported that the university has threatened to take disciplinary measures against students who may violate the ban and stressed in the gag order that the matter is still under police investigation.

This comes after UUM gave assurance that it would not cover up the circumstances surrounding the death of the 20-year-old account student at its Sintok campus.

However, it has been over a week since the student’s death and UUM has yet to reveal any details of the student’s death.

Source: Berita Harian

According to the victim’s father R Sivakumar, the university has been vague and did not tell him what really happened when they called him to inform him about Vinosiny’s death.

“Her hostel room is sealed now. I did not get to check the conditions there. Even her phone was still locked in the room. The police only passed me her wallet and identification card.” the father said.

As of now, the police have yet to confirm the cause of death as they are still waiting for a post-mortem examination.

Meanwhile, the father is now accusing the university administrators of being negligent at its Sintok campus and has since lodged a police report. He is also demanding a thorough investigation “to find out whether they properly maintained the building”.

According to the father, he lodged the report as he is dissatisfied with the manner in which his daughter died, the safety measures of UUM students, and the handling of her death.

“I urge the police to conduct a thorough investigation, not only to seek justice for my daughter’s death but also for all other students at risk of facing the same situation if UUM’s negligence continues. UUM has failed to ensure the safety of students and that all facilities provided for students’ use are safe and well-maintained,” he said.

He also said that the police report will also be used to initiate legal actions against UUM. Sivakumar’s lawyer M Manoharan said that UUM must be held liable for criminal negligence.

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