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Scammers use hypnotism to get victim to transfer RM12k to them

Scammers are getting increasingly creative to get their victims to fall for their scams. Some scammers aren’t even trying to trick their victims anymore as they’re opting to use hypnotism.

Puterinajia took to her Instagram account to share how she was hypnotised into transferring money to a scammer after she had answered a phone call from a scammer claiming to be with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN).

She wrote, “On 25 May, around 11am, I received an automated phone call from LHDN regarding unpaid taxes. Seeing that I have had recent past conversations with LHDN on the phone regarding my company’s tax issues, I figured the call was related to that”.

But she regrets not checking the phone number first before proceeding with the call, adding that another mistake she made was not having the Truecaller application on her phone. Without even realising it, she was soon allegedly hypnotised by the caller.

“I stayed on the line to talk to the officer and that was when I believe I was hypnotised. To make it short, without realising it, I was already on the phone with the scammer for 3 hours, I disclosed all private details regarding my business, home address and more, walked to the ATM while being on the phone with him, and transferred money to the scammer,”.

“He told me what to do from the beginning, to the point where I keyed in the account number as instructed, and just like that, I transferred RM12,000 to him”, she explained.

While hypnotised, she followed the scammer’s instruction to a tee. Puterinajia had also sent the scammer a confirmation of the transfer with a receipt and the scammer even continued to toy with her after.

“The scammer did not block me right away, instead, he proceeded to still text me over unnecessary stuff and created small talk too. He even insisted that he’ll call me again later at night to ‘discuss something important’.”

“8 hours later, I went out for dinner with my parents at around 8:30pm and that was when I was finally ‘conscious’ and aware of what happened,”.

“I felt so panicked and straight away checked my bank account balance, and that was when I realised I gave my money away. I did not remember anything about the bank transfer until 8 hours later”, she added.

She hopes that by sharing her story, the general public will become more aware of all these different methods scammers are using and will be more careful in the future.

“It’s crazy how these people can capitalise on our fears just through the phone. I hope sharing this will help you all to be more cautious and aware in the future”, she shared.


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