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KL ranked the world’s 3rd overworked city, while Singapore the best city to WFH

Social NewsKL ranked the world's 3rd overworked city, while Singapore the best city...

The working culture in Malaysia is definitely not the best, with people getting overworked and being underpaid. Most employers would expect their employees to clock in long hours to finish unsettled business and not pay them overtime.

While many of us think that this is inevitable in working life, it seems that it is causing burnout among Malaysians. In a study that was recently published by mobile access technology firm Kisi, it was found that the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur ranked 3rd most overworked city in the world.

In fact, the country’s capital is ranked right behind Hong Kong, which ranked second, and Dubai, which tops the list.

Source: Tripsavvy

The results of the annual study took into consideration several factors, including the following:

  • Work intensity: Measured by how many days a person works, versus the number of days they take off, in addition to unemployment rates, inflation, and the amount of overworked population.
  • City Livability: A metric used to quantify the affordability and comfort of living in a city, which includes variables such as safety, air quality, amount of outdoor spaces, happiness, culture, and leisure.
  • Society & institutions: Attributed to such verticals as Covid’s impact on a city, Covid-support, access to healthcare and mental healthcare, as well as inclusivity and tolerance among city dwellers.

The study was conducted in 100 major cities in the world that are well-known for attracting professionals and their families owing to their work opportunities and the diverse lifestyles offered.

The overall work intensity of each city will then be measured based on criteria concerning overworking, holiday allowance, parental leave, and the adaptability of a job for remote working scenarios. In addition, unemployment rates and the percentage of individuals who have had to take on multiple jobs to survive were also taken into account

Meanwhile, researchers also noted the inflation rates in each city, using it as a criteria to assess an individual’s disposable income is most likely to be affected in the current inflammatory environment.

The study also lists city with the best work-life balance, where the top 3 cities top on this list is Oslo, Bern, and Helsinki, which occupy the first, second, and third positions respectively.

Surprisingly, the study also ranks Singapore as the best city to work from home, followed by Washington and Austin.

This is the third year that Kisi has conducted this study and Kuala Lumpur has ranked top 10 each year, with number 4 in 2020, number 8 in 2021 and number 3 in 2022.

Do you think these findings are accurate? Share your thoughts!

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