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Toddler dies after being over run by school bus, the mother accepts her fate and urge not to blame the driver

NewsToddler dies after being over run by school bus, the mother accepts...

On Friday (27 May), a 16-month-old toddler was killed after she was hit by a school bus in front of her house in Taman Anggerik, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi in Sepang.

According to Bernama, Sepang police chief ACP Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof said the toddler was believed to have been running after her sister who came out of the house to board the bus in the 12.15 pm incident.

However, her sister was not aware of the victim following behind to get on the bus. Later, she was found under the bus when it drove off.

“The victim’s 13-year-old sister got down from the bus to find the toddler severely injured in the head and several parts of the body,” he said.

The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at the Salak Health Clinic in Sepang while the body was sent to Putrajaya Hospital for post mortem. Kamarul said the case is being investigated under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Despite the toddler’s unexpected death, the mother of the victim hoped that the police will not take any legal action against the 50-year-old bus driver.

“My husband and I have accepted the fact that our daughter is gone. We harbour no ill feelings towards the school bus driver,” she said.

“We have not met with the bus driver yet because he is still traumatised. He, however, called me and apologised to me.”

“I cannot blame the bus driver because he is already traumatised by the incident. Furthermore, he is also not well-off and his bus has been seized,” she added.

However, she says this has left a deep scar on the family. She explained that during the incident, she and her husband were at work and their children were being looked after by her mother-in-law.

The victim’s elder sister had just gotten off the bus after giving pocket money to her eight-year-old sister.

“After giving money to my sister, I got off the bus. I saw the bus moving and at the same time, I also saw Zahida under the bus. I quickly grabbed her before the rear tyre of the bus hit her again.”

“I shouted and immediately carried Zahida into the house. My neighbours came and took Zahida, me and my grandmother to the health clinic nearby,” she said.

After realising that the victim had been hit, the bus driver immediately got off and apologised to her grandmother. However, the grandmother told the bus driver to send the children to school first.

He later came back and asked about the victim’s condition.

Here’s a reminder to all parents to be aware of their children’s whereabouts and what they are doing.

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