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Eye-catching new form of massage to attract customers

Maintaining a business during and after a pandemic is difficult. Whether it’s a hotel, a foot massage parlour, or an acupuncture parlour, it is indeed difficult to keep a business afloat these days.

Business owners have gone to great lengths to satisfy current customers and attract new customers whilst operating their businesses in the time of crisis. And, according to some Chinese netizens, a massage parlour in China purposefully created a new initiative to retain customers.

This new service’s name has yet to be revealed, but it’s certainly eye-catching enough to be remembered. To begin with, the customers would lay on the massage table with the masseuse standing at the edge of the bed.

However, this is where things change. The masseuse then clutches the client’s foot with their thighs and pulls on it by twisting their bodies. The oddity of this dancing motion is added to by the masseuse waving their arms around.

The whole experience is so lively that words aren’t enough to describe it. However, as always, some netizens aren’t too keen on it. Naysayers claim the massage approach is unheard of and the masseuse’s move of squeezing the client’s heel with their leg is unfathomable. On the other hand, optimistic netizens have shown a willingness to try it, as long as its affordable, of course.

Getting a massage like this would certainly be an experience. You can watch the full massage service here.


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