Saturday, March 25, 2023

PM Ismail gets panned by M’sians for wearing RM5,500 designer shirt

Social NewsPM Ismail gets panned by M'sians for wearing RM5,500 designer shirt

Prime Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri was known for his colourful and daring outfit choices, which would attract people’s attention at the first glance.

However, Ismail was panned on social media after netizens identified the shirt he wear during a meeting with his Singapore counterpart in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday (25 May).

In a viral photo, Ismail was seen wearing a designer collared shirt with a combination of white, black and blue. A netizen then identified the designer shirt as a product of Burberry and it costs a whooping RM5,500.

A heated discussion started on social media with many criticising him for multiple reasons.

Some think that the Burberry shirt does not suit him while others think that it was warranted for him to wear something appropriate for the meeting.

“No, it’s called batik or wear a suit to respect the person you’re meeting. Which idiot in their right mind would wear that travesty to a business meeting, for one?” a netizen commented. 

“Just another proof that you can be rich but still lack taste.” another netizen said.

A netizens also said he should stick with the baju batik his son-in-law designs. “At least he was famous for it during MCO.” the netizen said.

Some netizens pointed out Ismail should support local products instead of spending that much money to get himself a designer shirt from a foreign brand.

Netizens also made relevance to his effort to promote the Bahasa Melayu on the international stage, but fails to support local product.

On the other hand, some think that the prime minister is free to wear whatever he desires and it makes sense for him to spend on clothes given the monthly wage of a prime minister.

“He’s the PM. Do you expect him to wear printed RM5 clothes?” a netizen said.

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