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Majority of Malaysian youths are excited to vote in GE15, but still undecided who to vote

Social NewsMajority of Malaysian youths are excited to vote in GE15, but still...

The 15th General Election could be anytime soon and politicians from all camps are getting themselves ready for the upcoming battle.

This upcoming General Election will be somewhat different from the previous general elections given the introduction of Undi18 which allows youths to cast their vote to elect their representatives.

Although our youths are seemingly excited to vote in the next General Election, it appears that almost half of them still do not know who to vote for.

Source: Straits Times

According to a study conducted by Architects of Diversity Malaysia, it was found that up to 41% of youths have not made up their minds on which political party to vote for. Despite being uncertain, 80% of them are still eager to cast their votes.

The survey gathered the responses from 3,089 youths aged between 18 and 30, which indicated that the youth would shape the country’s electoral direction as 55% of the aspiring voters are first-time voters.

It also found that Barisan Nasional (BN) is currently enjoying a relatively strong support among youths in the country with 15.5% of respondents saying that they would vote for BN in the 15th general election.

While the remaining 13.8% would vote for Perikatan Nasional, 11.9% for the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) and 10.5% for Pakatan Harapan.

Apart from that, the survey also asked the respondents to share their thoughts on several other issues such as affordable housing, the minimum wage, public healthcare budget and others.

The majority of them agreed on the need to enact employment protection for gig workers, increase illegal logging punishment and step up mental health services resources, these issues came secondary and were rated less important.

Meanwhile, the respondents also pointed out the scarce representation of women and youth in the country’s political landscape.

At least 50% of them felt that there were very few women representatives in politics, while 63% believe that the country’s political community lacked youth representatives.

Speaking on the representation of minority races in politics, 34% said there were enough representations, while another 33% argued that minority races had very few representatives.

Architects of Diversity co-founder and survey principal, Jason Wee, urged political parties to take heed of the survey results and ensure that youths are included as their campaign priority.

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