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Here’s how to register yourself for your second Covid-19 booster

Social NewsHere's how to register yourself for your second Covid-19 booster

Last month, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that a second Covid-19 booster is now available for individuals aged 60 and above with severe comorbidities, as well as for children aged 12 and above who are immunocompromised.

The other groups eligible for the booster include those aged 18 and above who wish to go abroad and need to meet requirements of the country of destination.

Khairy said that these groups will receive a “booking link” via the MySejahtera application.

However, he said the ministry will not be setting the appointment for you like it did with the 3 previous vaccine shots, and that this is not compulsory too.

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If you are feeling lost and needed some guidance, here’s how you do it.

First, you’ll need to check if you have the “booking link” on your MySejahtera app. Once you’ve opened the application, click on the “Covid-19 Vaccination” tab on the home page, followed by the “Vaccine for (your name)” and the link to set your appointment should be there.

Do not panic if you have yet to get the “link” as Khairy said it would come in stages. All you need to do is check it again after a few days.

The appointment link is highlighted and underlined in blue, that wrote “Click here to book your appointment.”

After clicking on the link, you would need to answer a couple of questions, followed by finding clinics offering the booster shots nearest to you, and type in your postcode.

A list of clinics will then appear and you can pick one for the date and time you wish.

Following that, you’ll only need to remind yourself to arrive at the clinic on time and get your jab.

Similar to the previous jabs, MySejahtera will also reflect the second booster shot on your vaccination history.

Meanwhile, Khairy also said that senior citizens can walk into any clinic offering booster shots or apply for the second booster dose at the nearest district health offices, but they can only receive their second booster shot 4 to 6 months after the first one.

Other than senior citizens, individuals who are undergoing treatment in government or private hospitals which are giving booster shots can be given a second booster dose opportunistically.

As for those who are travelling abroad, you can also walk to a clinic offering booster shots without an appointment, but you must bring along supporting documents such as their flight tickets or travel documents.

However, individuals aged 18 and above who wish to go abroad can receive the second booster dose after at least one month from the first booster dose to meet the requirements of the country of destination.

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